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We are often asked the following questions. We present these to you to help you become more informed about diamonds so that you can choose a beautiful diamond that will be a good investment and can be cherished as a family heirloom for years to come.

3Stone banner1. In choosing a diamond, which of the 4 C's (cut, color, clarity, carat) is the most important?

All of the 4-C's are important and depending on your budget, you should try to purchase a diamond with a proper blend of all. However, all industry experts agree, that the cut is the major factor that fuels a diamonds brilliance, fire and scintillation. No matter what the clarity or color grade of a diamond, if it has poor symmetry, is too deep or too shallow,  it will have its beauty reduced because the light cannot refract properly.

2. Why do some advertise diamonds without listing the clarity and color?

If an ad lists a low price without listing the 4 C's, it's often a marketing ploy to bring you into the store. You must know all 4 C's before you purchase any diamond. If the ad listed all of the inexpensive diamond's specifics, you may not come to their store. Don't be fooled by a low prices and no information. After all, if the diamond was beautiful, you can be sure that they would put in all of the details about it!

3. What is an 'Clarity Enhanced' diamond? (We do NOT sell "Clarity Enhanced" diamonds.)

PD bannerTechnology is now capable of making a flawed diamond appear to be of much higher quality. They do this by a process of laser drilling and/or fracture filling. They can then make the diamond APPEAR to have better color and/or clarity. Here is it works.

The Process
A laser can drill to remove a blemish. The resulting hole is then filled with a substance to hide the invasion. Over time, this filling can discolor or break. Additionally, if the ring needs to be resized or remounted, this process can interfere with the filling.

The Value
Much of the value of a diamond is it's REAL beauty, a very natural product that is worked and cut by highly skilled diamond cutters. These laser drilling and/or fracture filling treatments result in an unnatural product; it is a "real" diamond in appearance only and has a value of what the diamond was before the treatment. For those customers who wish to purchase diamonds as investments, treated diamonds will not appreciate in value, as would a natural diamond.

EWB bannerThe Cost
The cost of an enhanced diamond should be 50% that of a natural diamond. However, it is becoming standard practice for some jewelers to sell the enhanced diamond for the same price as the natural diamond.

4. What is a certified diamond? Do I really need to buy one that is certified?

A certificate is confirmation of the diamond's identity and guarantees that the diamond has not been laser drilled and/or fracture filled, unless so noted on the certificate. In our opinion, there are only three internationally recognized gemological laboratories: American Gem Society (A.G.S.), Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) and European Gemological Laboratory North America (E.G.L.-U.S.A.) Any other certification is only an enhanced price tag.

5. Sales, Specials and Discounts - marketing gimmicks?

Remember, a "regular" price is 300% - 400% times the wholesale price and a sale price is 150% to 200% times the wholesale price. A retail jeweler could not offer huge discounts and remain in business without following the industry's markup standards.


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