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Shape - Color - Clarity


It's important to be educated about diamonds. There are many sources of information available to today's consumer about diamonds. In fact, there are almost as many expert opinions about diamonds as there are web sites selling diamonds. Some of this information is correct...some not. At Direct Diamond we feel the best information available comes directly from the industry leader in diamond education.

The Gemological Institute of America. (Click here to visit GIA.) The 4Cs diamond grading system used worldwide today was established by the G.I.A. in the 1940s. Our friendly, professional staff is ready to answer all your questions and help you pick the perfect diamond and a lovely setting for the best price possible. Remember, when shopping for a diamond, make sure the diamond you purchase has a grading report from one of the better known gem trade laboratories in our industry.

In our opinion, there are only three internationally recognized gemological laboratories: Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.), American Gem Society (A.G.S.) and European Gemological Laboratory North America (E.G.L - U.S.A.)  Any other certification is only an enhanced price tag.

Shapes :

shape-emerald shape heart shape marquise shape oval shape pear shape princess shape radiant shape round shape trillion










Color :

DEF (Colorless);  GHIJ (Nearly Colorless);   KLM (Faint Yellow);
NOPQR (Very Light Yellow);   STUVW (Light Yellow)


Clarity :

F (Flawless);  IF (Internally Flawless);  V VS1-V VS2 (Very Very Slight Inclusions); 
VS1-VS2 (Very Slight Inclusions); SI1-SI2 (Slight Inclusions); I1-12-13 (Imperfect)

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