Through the years, we have received many cards, notes, and letters of appreciation from our customers. But none of them have said more about what we try to achieve each and every day than this letter from Carol H of Norman, OK.

 February 23, 2013


A very nice, friendly woman in your place of business recently waited on my dad. He was purchasing a watch bettery for a 30+ year old Timex watch that he looks at numerous times all day long every single day. We'd been six different places looking for batteries and someone to put the battery in the watch...with six negative responses. "We can sell you the battery but we wan't put in in." As we slowed to stop for the light at 122nd and May, we were stopped in front of your business. Even though we were a little frustrated, we decided to try just one more time. The woman that waited on us was wonderful and made my dad's day. Not only did she locate and install the battery in the watch, but her patience was wonderful, and she told him the price was FREE. It may sound trivial to you but it was enormous in my dad's life. People like that woman are hard to find. Patience, kindness, attention to a 90-year old WWII veteran that speaks softly, actually listening to him...then telling him the battery was free. Wow!

I cannot thank you enough. You have no idea how much that meant to me because I know what it meant to him. He forgets lots of things. His memory is no longer sharp. But he has mentioned that again and again. He says, "I need to go give those people some money." I tell him again and again, "Dad, let them do that for you. It makes people feel good to do nice things sometimes. Just pass it on to someone else."

In this crazy, fast-paced, often impersonal world, someone made a big difference in my dad's day and in lots of days since then. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE AND YOUR GENEROSITY! That woman made my day, too, and I wanted her to know it. THANK YOU AGAIN!


Carol H.


At Direct Diamond,  we pride ourselves greatly in our courteous and friendly service.  We will always do our best to see that you have an exciting and pleasant experience when visiting our showroom and offices.


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